Document of university perspective of the future

Strategic document of Shahreza University was codified

The chancellor of Shahreza University said: strategic document of university has been predicted in the form of educational and research development plan that the duration of its implementation will be three periods of three years.

Public relations of Shahreza university reported: the chancellor of university at a meeting expressing that the sixth plan of development and prospect 1404 of country has given a purposeful system to higher education of the country, said: Shahreza university has proceeded to codify the strategic document in the horizon of 1404 of this university regarding its high potential of faculty members.

He pointed out that this strategic document has codified in three periods of three years, then he continued; seven colleges including computer and electronics engineering, mechanics engineering and energy, new technology humanities, art and science is predicted in this comprehensive document.

The chancellor expressed university strategy in research fields to obviate needs of internal industries and scientific progress at the international level entrepreneurship as strategic objectives of university.

The chancellor of Shahreza university knew the university opportunities including: the establishment of 6 industrial towns, various categories of crafts in the region, and the diversity of local customs and eminent scientists and researchers of Shahreza in the national and international level and he pointed out that Shahreza university is trying to produce science in the level of province and country and it becomes a pole of science and technology in south of Isfahan province.

Referring to  the motto of Shahreza university(with ambition and self-confidence in the way of knowledge and technology), he expressed: the legal documents including the twenty years prospect document of Islamic republic of Iran , comprehensive scientific plan of country, the sixth plan policies of economic, social and cultural development of Iran, the twenty years prospect of Isfahan province and land use plan of Isfahan province and country and the potential and ability of region has been considered to prepare and codify the strategic plan of Shahreza  university ,which will be implemented after the approval by university trustee staff and planning and management organization of country since 1395.