Shahreza University donor s institute

The objective of forming the foundation is taking advantage of the material and spiritual capabilities of donors and to encourage benefactors to fortify and develop substructures of Shahreza University as follows:

1. Development of Islamic culture including devotion and righteous actions in society to enjoy them for quantitative and qualitative growth of university.

2. Presenting consultation and conditioning to facilitate the optimized investment of donors of higher education center.

3. Recognition, appreciation and full support of donors and benefactors of Shahreza University.

4. Supervising the opinions and religious purposes of donors and benefactors during their lifetime and after their death.

5. Providing appropriate opportunities (social, cultural and economic0 to strengthen and continuity of supports of the university donors and benefactors.

6. Monitoring and tracking fifty percent share of science ministry from projects that donors have paid fifty percent of its total credits.

7. Supporting poor students of university through setting up the student loan fund.

8. Supporting Islamic and cultural proceedings of university.

9. Supporting desirable tradition of student marriage.

10. Supporting research projects of students, professor and elite of university.

11. Participation in the purchase of required equipment and services of university.

12. Playing an active role for academic links with industry, trade and generally business condition.

13. Creating an association for donor postgraduates of university and recruitment for cultural, research and scientific supports of university.