State university of Shahreza
The discussion for establishment of Shahreza state university started in the late seventies, and with pursuit of current authorities and request of Shahreza Islamic council and done pursuits in 1383, the agreement of establishment of Shahreza University was studied and approved in 1386during the cabinets visit to Isfahan province. Consequently, the foundation of this university started in March 1386 with responsibility of Dr. Abdol Rasoul Kazempour and with attendance of authorities, educational department officials, trustful people of city and it started its activities in a personal rental building.

Then with negotiations of city officials and authorities and translocation of agriculture Jihad and agreement of province authorities, the former Jihad building was authorized by the foundation of Shahreza state university. Regarding the pursuit of foundation s activities by Isfahan University, Dr.Khalil Bahrami was nominated and appointed as the chancellor of state university by the chancellor of Isfahan University in July 1386. After efforts done by office of council of higher education development, the agreement of this center was issued and the final approval of this center was obtained from the office of council of higher education development in May 1389.

Organizational affairs

Regarding the final approval and agreement and the need for admission of students and the pursuits of Isfahan and Shahreza officials and authorities from the highest official of ministry of science, research and technology, headship ruling of higher education center was notified to Dr. Hasmidreza Karimzadeh in 1390/4/29. (A member and vice chancellor of education and research department of foundation of Shahreza state university and a faculty member of Isfahan industrial university)

Developmental field (civil field)

In development field, the agreement of commission of 69th article of province was obtained in September 1387, including commission’s allocation of 205 hectares of public land located in Ali Abad of Mahyar based on use map of province land and pursuits of founding board. Then 71hectars of these lands is given to higher education center from general department of natural resources and province watershed management with continuum efforts and obtaining required permissions in March 1390 and the comprehensive civil project was done by a qualified advisor in205 hectares land .currently, agricultural maps, constructions,….faculty of engineering , administrative building , and sports facilities are prepared in this university and will be constructed by developing the funds for civil projects.