SHU introduction
Initial efforts began in the late seventies with the official’s pursuit to establish University of Shahreza and with done pursuit in 1386 during the visit of cabinet to Isfahan, the justification of establishment of this university was checked and approved, consequently, the approval of the definite establishment of the university is gotten in 1389 from the office of higher education planning and development, Ministry of science, Research and Technology and the admission of undergraduate students of computer engineering started from October 1390 and Techno-engineering majors were added to this University in MA,BA, and BS sections(graduate and undergraduate) during next years as following:

1) Computer technology Engineering – hardware
2) Computer technology Engineering – Software
3) Computer Engineering
4) Electronics Engineering
5) Mechanics Engineering
6) Mathematics and Applications.

It is worth noting that the number of graduates has increased to more than 150 students and the number of engaged in education students has increased to more than 1000 students in October 1395.

Technology and research activities

Despite its short history since the start of Shahreza University so far, it has been successful in the Technology and Research field and it has taken appropriate steps to achieve success referred to in the following:
• signing an agreement of research and scientific cooperation and exchange of professors with Isfahan Industrial University
• Establishment of  library and study rooms with more than 3,000 proficiency books
• Assignment of broadband Internet for faculty staff and students

The Activities of student Research associations includes:

a. scientific Association of Computer Games
b. Mathematical Society
c. IEEE Society
d. Journal of Robotics
e. Society of Electronics Engineering
f. Scientific Society of Mechanics Engineering
g. scientific society of Computer Engineering

Initiation  of laboratories Department of Computer Engineering, Electronics  and Mechanics Engineering, and sharing the scientific, technical and laboratories of university in the network of Iran Scientific Laboratories (Shaa)

Abilities of Shahreza University in Technology and Research field

Shahreza University enjoys experienced professors and high potential in getting faculty members and capable students and also it is near the industrial poles, so that it has created a bright future in research and technology field for itself, and it is ready to do the following activities for organizations, offices, and various field outside the university:
• Performing all or a part of the organization’s research and development activities (R & D)
•  Holding  in-service training courses for personnel as a person and virtual
• Presenting consultation on the optimized allocation of organization’s research credits
• Performing needed projects in the framework of bounding research projects in the following fields:

Information and computer technology field

*Design and implementation of web-based software systems, mobile (Android) and PC
*Simulation of socio-economic interactions as a software
*Provide ICT Master Plan
*Consultation and monitoring of IT-related projects
o Organizational procedures Reengineering
o Design and initiation of computer networks
o Information Security
o Data analysis
o Required General and special software installation
o Installation of Accounting servers, Back up information, FTP (file sharing) under Linux

Mechanics and energy field

Energy Systems Analysis*
Research, design and construction of renewable energy systems*
Analysis of heat transfer and fluid flow in fluid systems*
*Advanced methods of machines
Dynamics, vibrations and control*
Design of Mechatronic Systems*
*The mechanical analysis of composites and Nano composites

Electronics and electricity field

Design, simulation and control of industrial processes*
Optimization and planning of power systems*
*Digital protection in power systems
Power Quality in Power Systems*
Design and implementation of systems based on renewable energy*
Modulation of fluctuations caused by renewable energies*
Production of electronic equipment industrially*
*Design and implementation of power generation turbines

Applied mathematics field

Analysis, simulation and forecasting processes*